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Setting up a Blog

Done but not dusted the new blog is up and running. BlogEngine.Net to run the blog. Windows Live Writer to enable decent posting.  SyntaxHighlighter to allow for readable and ‘copyable’ source code. PreCode to allow SyntaxHighlighter to play nicely with Windows Live Writer, And finally, Greenshot to allow for decent screen capture (that won’t kill your bandwidth!). Not to mention domain names, hosting, coming up with that all important blog title and a theme that's sure to change like the London weather (but hopefully with the opposite trend: better not worse)!.

In summary:


Windows Live Writer


private static string GetPropertyNameFromLambda(LambdaExpression lambda)
    MemberExpression memberExpression;
    if (lambda.Body is UnaryExpression)
        var unaryExpression = lambda.Body as UnaryExpression;
        memberExpression = unaryExpression.Operand as MemberExpression;
        memberExpression = lambda.Body as MemberExpression;

    if (memberExpression == null)
        throw new ArgumentException(String.Format("Property expression '{0}' did not provide a property name.", lambda));

    if (memberExpression.Expression.NodeType == ExpressionType.MemberAccess)
        throw new ArgumentException("Property expression refers to a member on another type");

    return memberExpression.Member.Name;

PreCode (used to insert the above snippet into Live Writer)



Greenshot (only configuration shown, it hijacks printscreen to allow you to select what screen area to capture, and via JEPG quality, the file size. Its awesome).


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